My practice is multidisciplinary, with a strong basis in observational drawing and an instinct towards collage that is translated into a variety of mediums including hand embroidery, taxidermy, contemporary and traditional printmaking and the use of found objects, often combining processes to create original mixed media artworks where embroidery replaces painting as an expressive means of mark-making. 

My work is inspired by nature and the visual language of natural history, observing the natural world, its beauty and endless variety of forms whilst referencing natural historyʼs representation of nature in zoological and botanical illustration, museum collections and the wunderkammer cabinets of curiosities where art of exquisite craftsmanship was displayed alongside natural objects of wonder. 

In an ongoing series of contemporary still lifes that uniquely combine taxidermy with hand embroidery, my work explores the material boundaries where artistry and anatomy interact, questioning our relationship with animals and the connections between art and nature, in the interplay between the natural and the man made. Repurposed vintage taxidermy and contemporary ethical taxidermy is intricately combined with hand embroidery to extend and re-imagine the animal body in compositions that are simultaneously figurative and playfully abstract. The animals and insects interact with the canvas, emerging, disappearing, quietly perching, perhaps to suggest something of their past vitality, or an attempt to bring taxidermy specimens back to life. There is a sense of an alchemical process taking place, a transient spontaneity that is at odds with the slow meticulous technique of hand embroidery.